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Trade Log

April 26, 2017 ------------
- (5,758) Traded Curie: my chrysalis19 for planners05

April 25, 2017 ------------
- (5,757) Traded Lee: my recharge04, froppy06, mezzaluna04, 3rdchild19, bakuzan07, bestsenpai15, blueoni03, blueoni09, calculation09, clueless09, connected10, dixneuf01, engaged03, exuberant02, exuberant17, feelings09, fork15, gaedearg11, idolize07, indecisive06, inspector18, intoxicated05, intoxicated15, iwa-chan05, jewel12, karasuno06, kenjutsu16, kingjj18, kingjj19, knowledge16, launch11, librarian13, lohengrin18, lunarbase05, mobile05, moscow04, moscow14, nikushogun12, spices17, no06, p-chan03, sos19, almavivo07, haughty07 for agape01, avalanche10, chilly07, chilly08, confident07, damsel11, digamma11, expressive02, fiddle07, hitsuzen02, hitsuzen07, innuendos07, innuendos18, jaganshi07, phones10, quick14, raising04, raising18, redgem12, reluctant05, reluctant08, resolve02, russia15, schemer05, schemer17, shinra09, sitar06, sitar12, sitar17, subordinate09, subordinate19, summoner16, tail05, thing18, corgi12, kicking06, fethmus07, fethmus11, fethmus16, hephsin08, melphis05, lukeim08, inferior13, melodrama18
- (5,713) Traded Adelicya: my branchgate14, curefelice10, curemagical02, demonfists09, fanalis14, hookshot01, moogles13, roids08, taunts14, zeref16, sensory18, proudclad10, psicom20, pulse03, quicksilvers17, ratsbane02, reins11, rozarria16, ruin10, ruin19, shard15, tantalus02, taunts06, taunts15, taunts17, tellme09, timberowl01, trance15, trance17, uldah03, undying14, whitemage05, adorable14, akabari06, akabari17, analyze11, analyze12, analyze13, aquaactress08, archenemy01, archenemy20, bigbenkei04, blackthorn04, blackthorn11, blacktrump14, cheerful04, collector05, dragonhead17, dragoon13, eblan04, elysian02, faction04, feather04, flighty20, gourmand04, gunblade15, hagakure18, heroic02, hyperion03, knife11, knife19, ladyluck18, leftearring20, lucidlenses13, madainsari05, maester04, maester07, maester09, meyvn20, mtek-zero13 for elevator17, inferior08, hephsin16, wirukun12, acting13, acting16, arrogant10, avalanche20, cats10, confident09, confident12, crowds02, crowds10, denpa09, denpa17, digamma14, fashion17, forest05, forest11, g-8902, gigolo15, gigolo17, hymn05, jaganshi02, jellyfish13, kali-yuga04, kali-yuga13, kali-yuga20, magatama19, meanies18, oakenstaff15, oblivion12, polytechnic08, polytechnic10, princely13, pure20, quotations01, quotations14, restaurant04, russia11, russia19, sapphire04, saturn08, schemer15, seasalt05, stammi12, submissive08, sutures13, tail16, unseen04, upstairs15, whip05, whitestorm06, whitestorm09, whitestorm19, wish06, wizard01, wizard20, yomi10, yomi12, yomi13, airyglyph16, arc19, bakushin17, bear08, birdplush12, birthmark19, blackshadow07, blend12, blindfold08

April 24, 2017 ------------
- (5,643) Traded Jane: my tough16, 8302 for rose08, submissive12

April 22, 2017 ------------
- (5,641) Traded Dina: my terrified01, terrified09, terrified12, tainted05, theguild05 for arrogant19, chibimoon10, mortal07, attache17, corgi19
- (5,636) Traded Kiri: my prankdevil07, beneath10, eats09, fine09, ganbaruby03, irontiger20, lazying16, oneforall04, shuei-gumi09, troublesome05, committee02, keeneye10 for animes07, animes13, broomstick16, digamma03, exams18, odango20, quotations03, schemer10, shinra03, uranus09, whitestorm12, corgi02
- (5,624) Traded Caitie: my stormquell09 for corgi09

April 21, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Lita: ultima02
- (5,623) Traded Lita: my barusu11, junkfood20 for femprotags03, royalty08
- (5,621) Traded Kat: my awakening20, biker20, darkpower16, emotions14, firebuster06, flamenblue06, flirtatious04, forgive02, hyperion08, logic04, observer18, pinkcup12, policeman08, redaxe10, sapphire20, special16, tightrope15, tuxedo13, wayward14 for carmilla13, drei14, grumbly13, icearrows05, memorybug14, nyanpasu11, optimistic15, pitiful19, prussia02, reactions06, servbots18, spiritwave03, twinstar08, widow19, bofu07, kali-yuga07, yamato16, russia05, welcome13
- (5,602) Traded Harris: my broom15, bubbly02, gaudy10, hanamaru09, harpnote02, lolita07, lolita09 for chibimoon13, pure06, pure14, totalwood15, upstairs06, twintails13
- (5,595) Traded Veth: my astra02, dokkanpunch02, protagonist02 for chatty20, windangel04, hellprince17

April 10, 2017 ------------
- (5,592) Traded Kim: my bewitching04, matcha12, cure15, starfish10, starfish17, taser06 for animes09, exams12, hymn14, jaganshi03, killerbee07, wilkis07
- (5,586) Traded Catie: my demonfists20, friends07, friends11, keyblade10, nabradia03, relicsong20, silenthero01 for goddesses04, goddesses10, goddesses14, goddesses19, sweatdrops14, strength14, locket04

April 03, 2017 ------------
- (5,579) Traded Ritsu: my lioncurse09, lioncurse20, search08, housenka16, housenka20, magoroku19, jiji08, greekgod10, badfortune17, naginata14, taciturn03 for goddesses12, ultima14, follows10, memorized16, psicom01, seasalt02, sen18, shinra19, soryuju01, locket17, northstar14, persocom04

March 28, 2017 ------------
- (5,568) Traded Harris: my 400years12, 400years14, losttrust02, traditional09, traditional20, scold01, shoujo01, shoujo16 for ghibli04, sweatdrops06, hymn02, kicks02, magatama18, memories16, steelclaws10, survey19
- (5,560) Traded Coops: my carrot07, carrot19, enjoy02, firefly04, gambler05, gambler06, headmaster16, mystery17, deathmetal13, hallmonitor07, redoni03, trapped08, yuujinchou12, healers04, pacifica06, player01, profiler11, programmer14, trapped03, trapped14, zanarkand10 for animes11, exams08, exams14, fiddle01, fish18, glider01, hitsuzen09, hitsuzen19, impulsive13, jupiter14, mercury05, moogle18, odango05, paopufruit11, pluto03, attache15, cowbell09, melodrama05, melodrama08, onion17, hephsin07

March 27, 2017 ------------
- (5,539) Traded Curie: my kaka02, bully06, golem11, heropon05, heropon14, pug12, pug16, puppy06, sun02, sun09 for classical20, humble05, keyblade10, lastrites17, reluctant16, seasalt09, uncute10, mercury02, locket18, raison20

March 26, 2017 ------------
- (5,529) Traded Harris: my ailecrono17, acrophobia04, alive02, amour12, chuu14, colony02, marriage13 for flowers01, flowers18, raising01, upstairs16, wilkis13

March 21, 2017 ------------
- (5,522) Traded Lita: my karateclub01, amberamour04, candid12, catpuns01, conducts11, crystalsaber07, diving07, foughten20, talentshow06 for sensible08, velvetroom02, ghibli12, royalty01, twintails04, burgers10, firespin08, follows19, jaganshi12

March 18, 2017 ------------
- (5,513) Traded Curie: my adaptor06, ayesir07, babbit01, babbit15, bearcat03, bearcat07, bearcat15, bearhound05, centurion06, centurion07, cockatoo18, corneria12, corneria17, famicom04, marry12, familiars01, familiars06, mascots18, moogles17, hotdog14, nekomata09, nekomata11, nekomata19, peripheral06, pinkbow16, resentment06, righteous13, rollingsaw04, rollingsaw19, sweet09, vegetation02, whiskers12 for fashion08, firespin10, fish07, interaction13, jupiter13, lazy03, mars13, mars19, mmm05, mmm09, onigiri15, paopufruit08, raccoons12, upstairs04, uranus19, venus05, calamari12, ctarl07, hatshepsut06, lovestruck09, manipulative09, pal19, seahorse08, sunflower08, darkside15, eternal09, inferior05, melodrama10, clamp14, sweatdrops08, onoken05, polearms13
- (5,481) Traded Veth: my rallyingcry13 for aeons04
- (5,480) Traded Catie: my sinbad09 for sweatdrops15
- (5,479) Traded Curie: my androphilia08, poodle06 for avoiddeath09, locket07

March 17, 2017 ------------
- (5,477) Traded Ritsu: my wolfcurse12, beastmaster04, lioncurse04 for raison04, cowbell03, fflove12
- (5,474) Traded Cooper: my momo04 for clamp13
- (5,473) Traded Harris: my demonhunter12, cannoneer19 for bride19, goddesses03
- (0000) Gifted from Ana: 7thheaven14
- (0000) Gifted from Sami: key04

March 15, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Ten: tortured10
- (0000) Gifted from Nikita: g-1216
- (0000) Gifted from Miro: welcome04
- (0000) Gifted from Kaede: tenseiga09

March 12, 2017 ------------
- (5,471) Traded Catie: my attract10, attract17, bastion05, dancer12 for death11, hephsin17, femprotags07, sailorfuku09

March 09, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Jun: tortured07

March 07, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Netbug: 7thheaven17
- (5,467) Gifted to Tegonyan: my strict08, boisterous19, handshake06, 2 brown crayons
- (5,464) Traded Kaede: my purewhite20, rins17 for femprotags18, flowers13

March 05, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Rizu: fairgame15
- (0000) Gifted from Curie: damsel06

March 04, 2017 ------------
- (5,462) Traded Harris: my attorney17, father11, hatshepsut19, hoteldusk08, maidcafe02, firefighter19, innkeeper08, redshield20, renegades08, rescue18, saru09, smiling14, sphinx116, teapot14, whiteknight14, pink14 for blackharu18, cloud13, denying09, hiroya20, junkfood01, kyudo05, lucidlenses13, misspeak15, no704, providence18, swap06, tapioca17, wants06, remakes16, gamble12, onion01

March 03, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Adelicya: fairgame13
- (0000) Gifted from Cooper: stowaway06
- (5,446) Traded Cassie: my asleep12, bamboo03, musicstart16, kayo-chin17, princess08, tarotcards15 for eruyt14, eruyt19, phones02, samarkand20, sutures10, eve13
- (5,440) Traded Kiri: my amazing17, fine18, highpeak06, ideals02, reading15, torule09, lavender14, 8 blue crayons for avoiddeath14, fierce14, innuendos17, rozarria01, seasalt18, stickfigures04, shibainu13, 8 yellow crayons

March 02, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Cassie: strength02
- (0000) Gifted from Catie: purify20
- (0000) Gifted from Kim: fairgame08
- (0000) Gifted from Veth: fairgame03, hephsin11, hephsin13, luzrov04, wirukun15, odyssey04
- (5,433) Traded Lita: my tennis02 for fairgame06
- (5,432) Traded Veth: my lolol12, lolol13, shadowyato19 for fairgame04, lies12, shikon13
- (5,429) Traded Cooper: my akatsuki03, ganbaruby09, teach04, heartless03, mobage14 for secretary08, cascade15, enroll13, goddesses08, universe02
- (5,424) Traded Brittany: my stench05, supersize04, aerialace01, assignment09, assignment13, johto02, supersize12, victory16 for raison10, science20, stickfigures01, kicking17, wirukun05, cids12, aprbirthday18, jobs02
- (5,416) Traded Harris: my chroma12, solemnvow12 for psicom20, mothers14

March 01, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Coops: fairgame01
- (0000) Gifted from Kiri: planners04
- (0000) Gifted from Brittany: g-1201

February 25, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Kaede: robots05
- (5,414) Traded Kaede: my angelysugar04, bjd06, osananajimi09, vape05, kanahana14, supporters14 for acting07, acting17, digamma07, survive15, lukeim05, melphis16

February 24, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Harris: fairgame09
- (0000) Gifted from Curie: fairgame19
- (0000) Gifted from Ritsu: angra09
- (5,408) Traded Rizu: my akfield14, cleaver18, 12thpillar20, calming09, canada07, canada09, jamsession07, mansion18, kaijou14, touch02, yaoi01, yaoi09, xxxx07, xxxx11, xxxx13, xxxx17 for bofu08, g-8910, gigolo10, kicks13, polytechnic12, rainfell04, saiyawoman06, sharp03, spirit03, totty03, vex02, wayward14, zippers18, kajiyuu12, rollout02, versicolor02

February 19, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Jane: arcana03

February 15, 2017 ------------
- (5,392) Traded Jane: my berserker14, thieves15, phantom05, phantom07, sadist09, sadist19 for tortured08, fflove17, asgard18, difficult17, programmer14, solitude04

February 14, 2017 ------------
- (5,386) Traded Netbug: my bluesea13, jadedragon05, whitesilver15, wingly06 for cowbell07, dalmasca11, science01, suit11

February 13, 2017 ------------
- (5,382) Traded ReneeTwist: my x-scissor15, beli12, blast05, cursedseal08, dhampir08, dragoon16, fireball17, forest14, fuhrer16, genbu11, goldfish02, goldfish06, goldfish11, goldfish14, gourmand02, fuhrer15, ignite12, kichou01 for icehockey01, stammi03, chocobo17, fashion06, glider04, glider13, hitsuzen14, jellyfish20, magic14, quick01, resolve19, seasalt03, slap08, slap12, tail18, unseen05, attachment04, wilkis10

February 11, 2017 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Lacie: brown crayon
- (5,364) Traded Lacie: my deus15 for cowbell15
- (5,363) Traded Brittany: my johto04, johto14, scalchop18, speaking11 for avalanche06, selfish16, uncouth14, odyssey01

February 10, 2017 ------------
- (5,359) Traded Harris: my bara01, blood14, comrades08, delusions01, effeminate18, effeminate19, freelance08, freelance13, kiseru04, kiseru05, kiseru08, solarknee13, tank10, quindecim06, wolfbeil08, sig_lex for blanket07, canary08, g-6002, guidebook02, ignite12, imitation17, inari17, lightning06, musketeer01, record13, scuro16, southpaw09, steward15, thepierrot06, sailorfuku04, sig_harris

February 03, 2017 ------------
- (5,343) Traded Miro: my famous09 for triplelutz09

January 27, 2017 ------------
- (5,342) Traded Kiri: my himegimi08, uchuu07, broadcast15, aqours14, aqours17, hopespeak11, housekeeper13, musicstart13, nico-nii01, ocarina07, ocarina12, overexcited10, shiratorizawa05 for cats07, fashion13, innuendos08, onigiri02, sapphire02, survive05, tagged08, melphis09, hanahazama02, infamous15, tarotcards15, femprotags11, icebeam04

January 26, 2017 ------------
- (5,329) Gifted to Curie: heartless14, microbes12, himalayan01, lucavi01, rare03, pikori06, pikori07, prinny02, prinny08, rare02, sexta17, trash05, usagi07
- (5,316) Traded Curie: my babyfox01, babyfox15, broke18, fox17, kitten19, sig_lex for eros13, eros20, fish05, stickfigures11, younggirls01, sig_curie
- (5,310) Traded Olivia: my lastrites14 for icehockey07
- (5,309) Traded Dina: my exia18, following19 for shepherd17, mascots14
- (5,307) Traded Lita: my alcoholic08, cult15, fightinggirl02 for shepherd02, g-8903, killerbee08
- (5,304) Gifted to Lacie: my summon03, summon05, motor09, motor17
- (5,300) Traded Lacie: my right13, silent18 for agape09, sen09

January 25, 2017 ------------
- (5,298) Traded Cooper: my amazing02, chaperone08, fine12, band01, voice01, voice09, weddings09, weddings16 for 7thheaven11, planners10, attachment20, lukeim04, mages07, odyssey18, robots08, royalty18
- (5,290) Gifted to Brittany: my ditz18, miss16, teamaqua12
- (5,287) Traded Brittany: my teammagma12 for sitar03
- (5,286) Gifted to Harris: my vassal15

January 22, 2017 ------------
- (5,285) Traded Netbug: my aliens07, tablesalt12, anaru16 for respected18, respected19, shepherd04

January 12, 2017 ------------
- (5,282) Traded Ritsu: my newton14 for fierce13

January 01, 2017 ------------
- (5,281) Traded Lita: my winchester08 for fashion10
- (5,280) Traded Dina: my builder13, candidate18, catemperor05, chronojet10, guidance18, leocorp11, quack03, surprises10, two-faced03, uranohoshi16 for tradename20, eve16, kicking12, oar09, planners13, hephsin10, hephsin12, lukeim11, melphis01, shepherd01, shepherd15, wilkis20, velvetroom18
- (0000) Gifted from Lee: tellme05

December 31, 2016 ------------
- (5,267) Traded Ana: my ratatouille09 for wilkis19
- (5,266) Traded Kaede: my mihotoke12, bomberrod12, dragonwhip12, powerdagger12, rpgmaker16 for wirukun14, wirukun18, gramarye18, gsleague03, gsleague15
- (0000) Gifted from Ana: polkadot18
- (0000) Gifted from Kaede: polkadot02
- (0000) Gifted from Jailynn: belarus14

December 27, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Veth: polkadot14
- (0000) Gifted from Kiri: tradename16, fairgame17
- (5,261) Traded Erin: my brawn04, brawn19, bride05, cham03, cham13, execute07, execute14, filthy01, filthy18, firebuster07, firebuster14, gungi03, hiding07, housework08, housework17, joajna19, keyblade13, lakeview14, luckless16, mediocrity11, mediocrity20, metalia19, caster14, darkhenge19, domination10, luckycharm17, masks11, selfies02, shattered19, youngmen07, no20, noble20, osa-p12, osa-p15, ribika12, sunset04, tragedies06, trigger09, twisted17, wayside07, wayside18, wingman14, yebisu13 for polytechnic18, russia16, weather18, acrophobia04, apologetic05, badjokes02, bananas12, bloodyrose03, cherry19, cruel19, danes16, dojo12, earphones15, flashcard15, fontech17, gao18, gastark06, graffiti12, grapes18, ikazuchi15, imperious19, legs15, maddog09, maitreya12, matterwaves04, mid-childa06, myprince15, nice14, odinsword19, organic06, poopgod12, ptrd-4106, rekku02, rendere16,ruin10, shoutengai06, summoned20, tianzi08, toxic09, viena08, wealthy05, whiteclown18, zweiteturm11

December 26, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Dina: fairgame10

December 12, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Sami: 7thheaven15

December 08, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Jane: osaka17

December 05, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Veth: luzrov18, crossdressf14, femprotags20, mages20, mascots05, moogles01, nightshade20
- (5,218) Traded Veth: my lolol03, absorption18, bone14, medusa19 for angra02, attachment08, lukeim19

December 04, 2016 ------------
- (5,214) Traded Netbug: my tablesalt01 for tellme10

December 02, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Kaede: tradename14
- (5,213) Traded Kaede: my angelysugar08, mob16, sexytype17 for tradename03, tradename09, tradename13
- (5,210) Traded Sami: my jazzdance12, doggy14 for wilkis05, psybeam01
- (5,208) Traded Kiri: my naps15, upper-class05, lovewing16, all-seeing06, bigdipper06, confectioner15, diving09, imposter05, rosenburg08, talentscout07 for crossdressf20, gramarye10, broomstick14, enroll10, fiddle04, memories20, paopufruit15, relic14, saiyawoman11, saiyawoman13
- (5,198) Traded Olivia: my honeybuddha16, babied11, bloody08, bloody11, bloody18, breeder06, cameraman08, cameraman10, colonel14, doujin01, doujin08, doujin15, everafter05, exsphere03, exsphere14, fashionable09, fenrir02, fenrir06, forever20, four17, gamer12, headmaster02, heal08, island04, island20, junkshop05, kiseki-ou20, mentor09, mercenary01, duality17, nonary19, two18, nightmare16, oni01, oni17, orpheus01, overruled07, realist09, reality19, reckon11, secondson17, sopheria03, sopheria05, stripes01, stripes03, swimmer07, swimmer17, swordswoman02, thebest03, tomorrow09, windor11, witchtrial11, wrath14 for mascots20, glider11, jaganshi10, rozarria12, russia07, stickfigures09, submissive18, polarbear12, raison14, voodoo11, sigmund08, sunrisecafe10, newton14, southern17, blackbird01, beyondard09, pickpocket14, endra01, discarded06, tennyo01, kiyoubinbou20, ducati01, mansion18, telekinetic20, maru02, t-shirt19, fold02, redaxe08, regal15, buhii20, xiv09, raise01, 4dragons16, menfestival13, rewrite10, scarf04, stone-face05, gretel09, hakuda17, summon03, vagrant12, shoutengai12, fifth08, prelati10, lecherous14, bluesky08, power01, lieutenant07, seifuku10, pebble03, kakaka19, laptop20, catgirl17

December 01, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Miro: secretary10, secretary13
- (5,145) Traded Miro: my seishun19, toadsage01 for tellme01, tellme17

November 25, 2016 ------------
- (5,143) Traded Erin: my metatron13, overnight07, ceramics11, masses07, metatron17, overnight08, starter15, teddybears14, villagers03, winddance07, winddance12, wingman07 for insurance08, brush17, oblivion08, selfish18, steelclaws02, buusagi02, lotte17, rayofhope19, russia14, taunts17, windom06, eve17

November 09, 2016 ------------
- (5,131) Traded Cassie: my adieu07, wakaba10, trickster17, counselor17, haro16 for companion02, key07, planners19, determined06, songwriter02

November 07, 2016 ------------
- (5,126) Traded Eon: my yohane10, yousoro05 for velvetroom12, shibainu07
- (5,124) Traded Kiri: my aqours13, binge01, esmerelda13, gamer07, musicstart03, musicstart17, ritsu09, route02, schoolidol20, shuei-gumi10, spiritual12, strategist08, tarotcards11, totty09, tresbien20, yamakami03, idolclub04 for bark05, evolution05, expressive03, haunt14, impulsive08, octal12, raising20, seasalt14, venus10, brandless01, failure05, inherit11, masses07, mtek-zero13, shadowless09, secretary02, eyepatches18

November 05, 2016 ------------
- (000) Gifted from Ana: albhed10, expressive18, secretary06, robots18, universe20

October 26, 2016 ------------
- (5,107) Traded Jane: my goodcop17, wildbear18, zwei10, zwei12, captains10 for oar06, kweh05, neptune02, rose15, older16

October 25, 2016 ------------
- (5,102) Traded Kaede: my staging19, hundred19, thousand19, superheroes17 for tradename17, moogles20, odyssey03, robots12
- (5,098) Traded Sujini: my dimwitted17, gamuza10 for sapphire07, wizard13

October 24, 2016 ------------
- (5,096) Traded Kaede: my bet15, mentor02, muffler09, muffler10, nonaginta08, onlyfriend18, parenting13, parenting16, soyokaze02, soyokaze13, yamigarasu09, perceive06, uneven03, 199806, slimes17 for crescent07, damsel18, determined19, goldsaucer05, goldsaucer11, goldsaucer16, mistress19, quick18, science14, seasalt19, seawizard07, thing03, weather16, moogles08, moogles10

October 20, 2016 ------------
- (5,081) Traded Samichan: my organic15, darkflame16, ferocity02, fuuma05, homunculus04, jewel04, knife03, gaedearg08 for 7thheaven02, broomstick03, fiddle20, gigolo05, paopufruit02, raccoons19, uncute15, wirukun03

October 09, 2016 ------------
- (5,073) Traded Veth: my swimmer03, townhall13, witchelny19, absorption14, separate12 for angra11, companion13, landis20, planners07, suit13

October 04, 2016 ------------
- (5,068) Traded Sky: my biometals04 for happyend12

September 27, 2016 ------------
- (5,067) Traded Adelicya: my medicinal02, seafood02, nikushogun02 for polkadot01, 7thheaven20, twintails02
- (5,064) Traded Jessu: my tazmily05, maniwa02, beastking17, aniki04, antivirus20 for secretary16, capturer03, determined07, impulsive01, pluto17

September 25, 2016 ------------
- (5,059) Traded Aru: my 99917 for avoiddeath16
- (5,058) Traded Kiri: my nyaa-chan07, chiwawa17, direction09, kanahana04, uravity09, yamakami18 for bofu19, hi-potions03, killerbee16, magatama17, onigiri17, raising19
- (5,052) Traded Lita: my deserteagle15, alcoholic12, blackfang09, ero-mangaka17, ero-mangaka18, health-care12, imitation14, schoolidol07, solitary03 for mars17, yuri15
- (5,043) Traded Ana: my fc3s14, fd3s14, midorikaru15 for martillo01, secretary17, crossdressf07

August 31, 2016 ------------
- (5,040) Traded Jessu: my fukurodani14, tigerstriped07, badda-boom06, takatomon16 for tradename08, broomstick10, dalmasca03, shikon01

August 30, 2016 ------------
- (5,036) Traded Ten: my rufous03, acting05, classes16, pocketwatch09, princes08, treasure08, actor18, business10, cataclysm11, chimeraking05, clairvoyant19, iai12, idol19, kritya05, kritya11, kritya12, kuuhaku02, lostwife14, poems19, selfdefense14, sew15, tripping02, daein07, gakuenk06, suwabe14 for tellme18, krita-yuga16, insurance17, kicking20, landis15, digamma08, enroll03, futuresight03, g-1219, intelligent09, jupiter04, killerbee20, kou06, oceanwave13, polytechnic05, polytechnic17, predilection05, quick16, sitar16, slap17, submissive19, viina10, gsleague04, gsleague17, gsleague20

August 28, 2016 ------------
- (5,011) Traded Aru: my whirlpool06, akko10, assassinate02, consultant19, commoners17, create04, diesel-san04, requiem09, throwdown13, yebisu11 for wolfman18, krita-yuga04, fierce05, secretary09, wingly11, bark08, bloodfang09, bofu16, capturer18, dalmasca05

August 27, 2016 ------------
- (5,001) Traded Veth: my bone08, foulmouthed10, spiderwebs10 for fairgame20, wolfman06, angra16
- (4,998) Traded Jane: my civilian15, tomorrow15, ossan10 for death07, neptune18, redgem19

August 26, 2016 ------------
- (4,995) Traded Kiri: my firststring14 for wolfman10
- (4,994) Traded Eon: my glacies07, npc07, argent17, aspire16, bauxite10, hmm01, parallel18, trebleclef10 for tellme02, universe09, angelic17, damsel12, saturn14, skazka20, thing07, knucklehead12
- (4,986) Traded Kaede: my aisen01, manynames04, raccoons01, asterisk07, accessories06, octbirthday08, octbirthday10, brushgods01 for tradename06, attachment17, fish13, mmm04, tail15, moonflute06, oar10, ghibli16

August 25, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Lita: glider15, lies02, polytechnic15, slap11, steelclaws01, crowds03, crowds09, crowds12, crowds13, g-1202, g-1203, g-1206, g-1209, g-1210, g-1212, g-1215, g-1220, g-8901, g-8905, g-8911, g-8912, g-8916, g-8917, g-8918, g-8919, g-8920, mangaka12, mmm17, raccoons08, raccoons11, screentone01, songwriter04, songwriter06, songwriter08, songwriter09, songwriter13, songwriter14, survive03, swearing04, swearing06, swearing08, swearing09, swearing12, swearing14, swearing17, swordlike03, swordlike05, swordlike06, swordlike11, swordlike12, swordlike13, swordlike18, unseen12, unseen13, unseen15, urn02, urn09, urn12, urn13, urn15, interaction14, quotations02, quotations16, quotations17, gadoria13

August 20, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Makorin: cousin10
- (0000) Gifted from Liz: fanboy11

August 18, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Raie: hymn07
- (0000) Gifted from Neenee: psybeam11
- (4,978) Traded Arianne: my evenbetter15, remember14, thechariot15 for enroll20, raising06, tail07

August 15, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Mina: moogles09
- (4,975) Traded Arianne: my quadra02, watashi08, yankee07, airplane13, alseides13, amour05 for yondaime04, welcome15, quotations13, break04, lifeenergy03, velvetroom13

August 14, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Adelicya: ultima10

August 13, 2016 ------------
- (4,969) Traded Aletha: my hellguide11 for gramarye11

August 12, 2016 ------------
- (4,968) Gifted to Lee: my posed13
- (4,967) Gifted to Raie: my conquer12
- (4,966) Gifted to Moon: my kaijou18
- (4,965) Gifted to Aki: my ember19
- (4,964) Gifted to Ki: my pristo20

August 10, 2016 ------------
- (4,963) Traded Mina: my astronomer17, bracelets08, pessimist16 for chibimoon12, enchantress06, fflove05

August 08, 2016 ------------
- (4,960) Traded Ana: my evolution19, rivalry11, tensai19, dynamite08, sweet12 for raccoons01, tail19, belarus05, cold04, elysian02

August 07, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Lee: krita-yuga19, lifeenergy20
- (0000) Gifted from Kiri : belarus13

August 01, 2016 ------------
- (4,955) Traded Hijiri: my cannondale06 for g-1207

July 25, 2016 ------------
- (4,954) Traded Cassie: my airhead04, airhead18, analyzation02, analyzation13, nyan13, responsible06 for kicks06, lies16, predilection20, skazka10, mages04, tenjiryuu01
- (4,948) Traded Ana: my winterfairy02, sig_lex for fairgame02, sig_ana
- (4,946) Traded Dina: my exia07, sig_lex for fairgame07, sig_dina

July 24, 2016 ------------
- (4,944) Traded Adelicya: my ships02 for fairgame18
- (4,943) Traded Kaede: my fukujun07, kem18, sengoku19, yamigarasu20 for fflove19, gsleague12, mages08, universe05

July 23, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Dina: ghibli07, gsleague18
- (4,939) Traded Tanna: my rep09, rank17, mjolnir16, darkflame19, aqua10, center02, invisible19 for albhed08, redgem03, sutures05, wolfman09, cantus19, hatshepsut19, naginata04
- (4,932) Traded Eon: my nolonger11 for fairgame11
- (4,931) Traded Kiri: my demonsnow09, wotagei16, reading03, overelement17, peakspider09, strategist15, strategist18, hellgirl02 for fairgame12, tellme20, tradename02, g-1211, innuendos14, steelclaws13, weather01, weather04
- (4,923) Traded Lenga: my expressive14 for lifeenergy05
- (4,922) Traded Tanna: my oden05 for fairgame05

July 19, 2016 ------------
- (4,921) Traded Jane: my burning08, immortal07, logicshow17 for seawizard17, slap04, slap06
- (4,918) Traded Ivory and Horn: my corrupted11, electric20, seele18, a-class15, athlum16, backlace12, charmer03, chivalry20, coexistence14, conjurer05, cursedtwin02, cybele05, devour07, dolphin14, fiancee20, four-leaf10, funeral15, gridania06, heroes08, heroes15, knights20, lotus09, mutt14, petulant19, protection17, scarfwings20, stripes04, tease01, ulster10, ulster15, unaware18 for bark17, benefits16, burgers09, g-8906, glider20, impulsive10, intelligent08, intelligent10, meanies19, memories02, memories09, memories11, octal10, saiyawoman08, saiyawoman12, saiyawoman15, saiyawoman18, sapphire14, schemer06, sitar04, survey07, tail04, tiny08, whip04, yamato06, yamato15, yamato17, yomi05, gigolo02, oceanwave12, mages13

July 17, 2016 ------------
- (4,887) Traded Samichan: my delinquent14, acrobat01, believer11, magical16, princely01, zeref17 for basil12, adepts01, gsleague13, gamble18, memories06, yomi01

July 10, 2016 ------------
- (4,881) Traded Lee: my 1stchild11, advice17, bloodhound07, bloodhound08, champloo20, clueless19, corrupted13, dixneuf11, erokappa07, haughty11, begging16 for angra04, cascade08, fish03, magatama06, memories13, skazka09, subordinate06, thing20, withdrawn16, yamato13, wingly10
- (4,870) Traded Alice: my outside12 for tellme14

July 04, 2016 ------------
- (4,869) Traded Miro: my reading03, libero16, guitarist18 for brush01, hymn12, predilection15

June 28, 2016 ------------
- (4,866) Traded Miro: my cat20, benishigure12, beretta14, devoted17, ink05, ink09, joajna15, lightning14, porsche11, porsche15, snakes18, sushi09, sushi12 for nabradia03, noble20, orchid05, pallum18, phonecalls01, rapier08, remaining17, rukh05, scumbag11, sew15, toran03, wakaba10, sitar10

June 26, 2016 ------------
- (4,853) Traded Jane: my sig_lex, 8 blue, 8 purple crayons for sig_jane, 9 orange, 3 yellow, 4 brown crayons

June 25, 2016 ------------
- (4,852) Traded Rizu: my howling15, howling17, bangle06, bangle12, homophobe06, destiny04, literature09, mercurial07, banana17, curious19, manager03, mansion01, everybirdie06, tsukumogami05, tsukumogami16, yaoi02, yaoi13, youthful03, steward20, synthesizer09 for graveryl20, jadedragon16, fflove14, ghibli01, determined08, landis19, kicks14, dresses19, dresses20, four20, memories10, oar02, raising10, science19, wisdom08, rosenburg08, seafaring10, strawberry15, ponytail08, nekomimi18
- (4,832) Traded Kaede: my criticrista11, balloons05 for mages01, unseen09
- (4,830) Traded Jessu: my tigerstriped05, tigerstriped11, catalyst06, cabbit11, cabbit20 for bark13, gadoria08, landis02, sultry17, tiny02
- (4,825) Traded Moe: my timetravels10 for attachment15
- (4,824) Traded Miro: my emonzaemon12, council04, doll13, effortless09, effortless11, enforcer16, momokan18, museum14, oracle02, sharingan09, sin11, sin12, third10, octbirthday05, onod06, ossan01, ossan16, deities10, deities14, arrows02 for gsleague16, gramarye08, universe01, chocobo18, enroll16, moogle12, oar14, paopufruit05, psicom12, songwriter16, submissive04, thing16, tiny19, truegrace14, truegrace15, turtle07, viewpoint14, pink13, qipao16, watermelon03
- (4,804) Traded Pinnku: my maniwa17 for follows07
- (4,803) Traded Veth: my buster19, misnamed06, learning04, grudges03 for wolfman11, titrel19, death05, adepts07
- (4,799) Traded Coops: my jillsandwich15, rockfort01, t-veronica01 for companion14, psybeam07, royalty05
- (4,796) Traded Ana: my chosenhero15 for whitesilver17
- (4,795) Gifted to Kiri: my confection07, chiwawa16, homeroom08, professional06, overelement06

June 23, 2016 ------------
- (4,790) Traded Jane: my badcop02, kid14, marimo03, headphones10 for femprotags16, psybeam06, digamma06, typhoon08

June 05, 2016 ------------
- (4,786) Traded Kaede: my gideon09, gunbuster07, pajamas01, junbirthday08, maleantags14 for magic05, scarydriver16, fflove07, hamha11, mascots11

June 01, 2016 ------------
- (4,781) Traded Moon: my swordspirit08, maybirthday08, rivalry12, beautymark12, cooperation02, darksun05, monster18, seychelles14, taijutsu07 for tellme08, eve09, izanagi15, apathetic02, arcana11, femprotags02, twintails11, digamma02, lies11

May 31, 2016 ------------
- (4,772) Traded Cassie: my haro09, humanworld07 for special16, trattoria17
- (4,770) Traded Cooper: my ozeki07, ozeki20 for tellme04, welcome02

May 30, 2016 ------------
- (4,768) Traded Cassie: my ecstasy16, adieu18 for enchantress01, pure05
- (4,766) Traded Adelicya: my friends13, legendary15, venoshock07, younggirls13, sig_lex for tactless04, icebeam17, odyssey05, twintails08, sig_adelicya

May 29, 2016 ------------
- (4,761) Traded Ivory and Horn: my ai04, hitsuzen12, catsndogs11, green17, orange12, orange17, orange19, red02, red17, schwarzwelt09 for krita-yuga10, redeyed06, adepts13, arcana05, femprotags02, femprotags12, mascots07, universe03, universe06, usagimimi08
- (4,751) Traded Eon: my badge10, rosenburg19, harasho18, hitoriomou06, lethargic01, rosethorns07, trishula07 for elevator10, ghibli14, cascade11, innuendos02, memories04, octal19, tiny20
- (4,744) Traded Moe: my flameslash11 for tellme03

May 28, 2016 ------------
- (4,743) Traded Kaede: my kanazuchi03, 199803, brushgods14, chuunibyou16, healers18, roof12, pointy10, grow04 for tradename19, purify09, winddance10, burgers12, arcana18, fflove03, fflove15, mages10
- (4,735) Traded Adelicya: my accessories15 for tellme16
- (4,734) Traded Ana: my springfairy20, horse-like04 for lifeenergy12, wolfman07
- (4,732) Traded Aki: my guile07, adventure03, bubble07, bye-bye01, cain03, generation19, literary10, magical07, sympathy14, tetsuo15, unkillable09, zippo09, sig_lex for enchantress18, animes12, g-1217, impulsive15, magatama01, magatama03, mistress15, odango19, sapphire17, summoner20, survey14, yomi04, sig_aki

May 24, 2016 ------------
- (4,720) Traded Erin: my flirty04, forelock20, super04, thebest03, another01, appraiser18, blackstar03, dreamseer09, firespin20, greatknife16, luckless14, male-type16, marry10, onion10, roseprince18, shackle02, shackle16, surpassing14, tenpa-kun14 for christianity03, circles15, gamer07, mentor02, nanodesu14, octo-punch03, ozeki20, temsik02, two08, vocalist09, wingzero09, youthful03, planners08, summoner15, hymn19, machinegun20, onigiri14, osaka11, moonflute01

May 08, 2016 ------------
- (4,701) Traded Adelicya: my 3moles17, 7thheaven03, barefists01, bon01, curescarlet15, focused01, hagurotonbo02, hakuda05, luckystars06, luckystars10, milkyrose13, libero17, scan08, squats02, sunshine09, thezombie11, turks19, whiteclown11 for lifeenergy19, moonflute05, avoiddeath07, fish04, innuendos05, jaganshi06, lies09, rozarria11, scarydriver11, science07, steelclaws12, tail12, tiny05, urn06, urn20, saturn13, femprotags19, gramarye07

May 06, 2016 ------------
- (4,683) Traded Kaede: my fleurir11, mechanical13, vesta02, healers02, mochiguma12, poultry20, supermarket12, supermarket16, takosuke20, autumn07, magnus07, slimes20 for bofu18, chocobo15, landis05, landis06, relic06, saiyawoman20, welcome09, enchantress14, lifeenergy02, polkadot17, arcana09, mages06

May 03, 2016 ------------
- (4,671) Traded Rizu: my ponta17, playbirdie12, redscarf13, 30yearsold16 for ferocity11, hymn04, jupiter19, adepts05

May 01, 2016 ------------
- (4,667) Traded Trap: my crows05, sadhiporoja13, stands09, thechariot15, thefool05, auntie06 for apple06, crowds14, digamma16, galax05, shikon11, tail17
- (4,661) Traded Veth: my sig_lex for sig_veth

April 30, 2016 ------------
- (4,660) Traded Dialny: my coquettish15, latvia19, number2309, teamflare18, amulet08, charm05, dynamite01, freestyle07, nonexistent05, sayo07, van17 for causality05, break06, respected17, driger09, glider18, machinegun01, psicom06, raising16, survey17, tiny04, tiny12
- (4,649) Traded Jane: my datadrain20, keibu11, pal18, west17 for interaction01, tiny14, usagimimi14, usagimimi18
- (4,645) Traded Sami: my starmiya07, yamakami01, yamakami14, evolver07, impostor17, lorikeet04 for asakawa16, endless01, ise07, maiden05, noproblem07, suzaku07
- (4,639) Traded Veth: my four10 for redeyed10
- (4,638) Traded Kaede: my hana07, sunfist19, icedragon19, aquaforce15 for mages03, mascots01, mascots02, mascots09
- (4,634) Traded Jane: my cataclysm18, luckycharm03, miraculous04, bumbling09 for appearance16, twintails14, twintails17, usagimimi06
- (4,630) Traded Olivia: my sig_lex for sig_olivia

April 29, 2016 ------------
- (4,629) Traded Eon: my orichalcum12, vasavi04, cooltype04, sig_lex for mascots19, kweh17, shibainu01, sig_eon

April 17, 2016 ------------
- (4,625) Traded Makorin: my jiji16, freespirit19, kapow11 for angra14, digamma05, interaction20
- (4,622) Traded Miro: my cool10, geek18 for galax01, seawizard10

April 04, 2016 ------------
- (4,620) Traded Aletha: my umbrella19 for forest19

March 29, 2016 ------------
- (4,619) Traded Trap: my crazyd12, jojo01, aerosmith18, bsaa08, bsaa19, hierophant16 for belarus19, eve04, tortured15, dresses08, odango06, psybeam14

March 28, 2016 ------------
- (4,613) Traded Chels: my corseit20, fork01, glowing10, hatchin05, lyrics04 for bloodfang20, enroll12, g-8909, death03, ghibli09
- (4,608) Traded Veth: my annoying08, hyakushiki07, kuwabara10, gal11, soundless16, thiers04 for helpful17, knucklehead14, sensible02, whitesilver16, arcana06, gramarye02

March 26, 2016 ------------
- (4,602) Traded Eon: my sharp03 for oar05
- (4,601) Traded Sami: my cureberry02, cureberry14, schoolidol17, solar18, suidream01, suidream09, yuri19 for beretta14, freezer14, jojo01, poland10, route02, glider09, icebeam13
- (4,594) Traded Moon: my charger06, roller14, balbadd07, kukulcan12, onlyreason16, sepbirthday04, seychelles11, fivefoxes15, godstongue10, hokage05, kurohigi16 for avoiddeath18, bofu15, four15, g-8907, glider03, jaganshi20, killerbee12, knucklehead10, strength16, arcana16, gramarye06
- (4,583) Traded Cassie: my keyboard12, guitar05 for thing06, urn08

March 25, 2016 ------------
- (4,581) Traded Kaede: my yamigitsune14, marysue16, medusa20, deathgaze17, gentletype18 for insurance03, tradename07, graveryl07, suit17, arcana15

March 24, 2016 ------------
- (4,576) Traded Kaede: my darts03, guertena13, suwabe15, inn07, inn10, inn15, maybirthday02, novbirthday15, sugitan13 for enroll14, totalwood04, uncute11, urn07, mascots10, mascots18, royalty09, royalty12, royalty19

March 21, 2016 ------------
- (4,567) Traded Dialny: my heartless15, cross07, monta15, nightmare08, tricks16, assassin19, bronco03, courage01, flowerclip12, icequeen09, latvia11, lovestruck04, observant14, pinnacle10, plumber08, shotgun03, twirl12, twirl15 for straw07, ghibli18, mages02, burgers13, chocobo06, glider06, jaganshi01, jellyfish17, killerbee10, killerbee17, memories14, oar04, octal04, selfish15, songwriter19, slap20, survey01, truebeauty09

March 16, 2016 ------------
- (4,549) Traded Sami: my untouchable03, byakuei10, kingsaw07 for 7thheaven06, killerbee01, wizard06
- (4,546) Traded Jasper: my bread12 for cousin20
- (4,545) Traded Chrissy: my balut05, darling05 for hi-potions10, wish13

March 12, 2016 ------------
- (4,543) Traded Olivia: my legal16 for innuendos01

March 10, 2016 ------------
- (4,542) Traded Jane: my confrontal08, infamous12, police12 for strength01, tail10, slap02

March 07, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Arianne: chousin16

March 05, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Lenga: hamha09
- (0000) Gifted from Moon: helpful11
- (0000) Gifted from Dialny: chousin01
- (0000) Gifted from Sky: hungary02
- (0000) Gifted from Sammich: causality01

March 01, 2016 ------------
- (4,539) Traded Chuu: my blackkeys06, intelligent10, amaterasu12, amaterasu19, aug2304, blend01, darkflame02, darkflame17, region15 for 7thheaven10, helpful15, over900012, sensible09, sensible13, ghibli13, psybeam13, psybeam19, usagimimi03

February 29, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from ReneeTwist: appearance01

February 26, 2016 ------------
- (4,530) Traded Jailynn: my gasmask18, jian11, lovehime19, measuring19, stands01, tricks02, trickster01 for glider19, jellyfish12, rose06, rozarria07, steelclaws08, tenseiga07, flowers16
- (4,523) Traded Neenee: my darkpower15, beasts15, boilerroom07, figurine01, lowee18, pureheart04, speak05, positive08 for death10, four05, g-1205, g-8908, memories17, relic18, reluctant11, mages14

February 23, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Chrissy: hungary13
- (0000) Gifted from AL: tenseiga04

February 22, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Kari: chousin05
- (4,515) Traded Kari: my reader08 for welcome17

February 21, 2016 ------------
- (4,514) Traded Kiss: my chaste08, fethmus11, suffer03, talking16, baths07, batting11, cologne03, daughter20, drag16, effort07, effort19, father09, hairloss12, leap09, mischief09, newgen02, notlost09, onee-sama19, thejoker15, thejoker19, uniform16, witchqueen15 for broomstick02, crescent04, gadoria05, haunt19, killerbee03, killerbee05, kingkazma09, memories01, memories05, memories12, predilection14, pure15, saiyawoman05, steelclaws20, systems05, typhoon04, urn03, winddance14, engaged15, jobs05, nekotalia06, odyssey02
- (4,492) Traded Trap: my purplehaze20 for damsel16
- (4,491) Traded Erin: my nanashi08, counselor17, evolution12, backlace01, bubble01, dreamseer04, filthy17, line10, overruled17, paradise17, pillowtalk03, scuro08, sechs18, violinist01, yebisu03, blue02, chernabog10, chernabog16 for tradename11, cockatoo18, heroism01, spells17, arrows02, sakurait13, innuendos06, innuendos07, innuendos09, innuendos10, innuendos16, innuendos20, kicks17, magatama12, quick17, swordlike14, yamato11, mascots04

February 20, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Dina: ctarl08
- (4,473) Traded AL: my foxfire14, jackal12, ouji11, topspin18, ossan18 for observing05, observing09, tortured13, tortured20, 4minutes03
- (4,468) Traded Dialny: my x-rayvision02, playful12 for shibainu12, velvetroom01
- (0000) Gifted from Aki: engaged03
- (4,466) Traded Aki: my go-getters17, ukaku01, androgynous14, disobedient19, ignite09, searching10, smart-mouth18 for capturer06, denpa01, eve18, octal06, tarotcards11, tactless12, ultima03
- (4,459) Traded Kaede: my buddypolice15, 100friends15, danger15, heirs15 for zoanthrope03, zoanthrope06, zoanthrope07, zoanthrope13
- (4,455) Traded Eon: my shogiclub15, relationer02 for chousin12, velvetroom06

February 17, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Jailynn: cabbit07

February 16, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Jane: cabbit03
- (0000) Gifted from Ana: foxmagic03
- (0000) Gifted from Jen: ctarl04
- (0000) Gifted from Kaede: hamha20
- (0000) Gifted from Veth: darkhunter05

February 04, 2016 ------------
- (4,453) Traded Tarma: my righthand17 for kicking03

February 03, 2016 ------------
- (4,452) Traded Ouji: my anti-hero05, kickboxer06, monotonous01, monotonous20, angra15, classy20, taekwondo07, strategist03 for damsel15, futuresight06, hi-potions20, killerbee04, machinegun13, shibainu15, sultry12, truebeauty12

January 29, 2016 ------------
- (4,444) Traded Kaede: my gransys05, housenka01, raikiri08 for futuresight19, rozarria18, uncute01

January 27, 2016 ------------
- (4,441) Traded Erin: my melodrama13, childstar20, droids08, loyalty18, fantasia15, mysterious04, selfless03, tenpa-kun02, yebisu19 for forest12, graveryl05, tasla11, jadedragon03, moogles13, porcupine10, robotics02, socialite16, trishula03, wildchild17

January 24, 2016 ------------
- (0000) Gifted from Aki: cabbit06, crossdressf11, hamha07

January 23, 2016 ------------
- (4,432) Traded Dina: my time10, madder02, debauchery06, debauchery13, hardworking02, galaxyidol10, jiji09 for haiku03, knucklehead02, meanies07, summoner09, unseen16, moogles17, nightshade19

January 22, 2016 ------------
- (4,425) Traded Ivory and Horn: my boxingring13, cybele20, worthless12 for lies14, machinegun19, mistress05
- (4,422) Traded Dialny: my scorch13, steak08, entercards13, magnagate13 for haiku09, insurance19, fish09, osaka10
- (4,418) Traded Netbug: my humanworld08, posttown08 for foxmagic11, mother17
- (4,416) Traded Eon: my yamazaki19, oodachi04, sukumizu14, barrettes17, autumn11 for knucklehead17, raising03, rozarria02, purplehaze20, mechapilots03

January 21, 2016 ------------
- (4,411) Traded Lenga: my xyz14 for adepts02
- (4,410) Traded Veth: my eagle11, peakspider17, levelheaded20 for belderiver01, arcana17, gramarye04
- (4,407) Traded Eon: my braveface04 for haiku11
- (4,406) Traded Kaede: my kanabo15, round02, shinjuku16, investigate07, shinjuku20, sunfighter11, deckbuilder11, analyzer11, visualnovel02, sig_lex for galax14, magatama16, relic13, seawizard06, swordlike09, hamha17, moogles18, zoanthrope10, zoanthrope11, sig_kaede

January 18, 2016 ------------
- (4,397) Traded Jane: my acepilot19, azuresea08, denying05, capoeira05, foul02, clarines13, bloodhound20, salaryman05, sorceress14 for cascade20, fierce09, lies18, sen14, skazka04, steelclaws18, icebeam16, gramarye13, twintails12

January 06, 2016 ------------
- (4,388) Traded Kaede: my myu15, dragonblood19, intestines14, dancefusion04 for avoiddeath06, over900003, strength03, crossdressf18
- (4,384) Traded Hijiri: my outcast05, sensei14, 192cm09, 80pitches15, aquatic03, coupdetat08, purple crayon for goldsaucer13, helpful19, insurance12, kicking05, minalinsky15, upstairs11, viina15

January 04, 2016 ------------
- (4,378) Traded Aki: my circle09, littlekitty13, pitcher17, wildchild12 for enroll15, helpful20, submissive17, capturer02

January 03, 2016 ------------
- (4,374) Traded Aki: my algorithm19, alice19, bossun11, canary18, retto01 for dalmasca01, fish16, lies05, octal08, purify10

January 02, 2016 ------------
- (4,369) Traded Eon: my touma17, oshi15, sagittarius02, dragon04, aries01 for cold07, four14, oar12, happyend07, zoanthrope04
- (4,364) Traded Raie: my jinchuuriki13, evolution11, emperor09, multi-size18, human02, human10, weaponry06, taijutsu02, sun02, sun09, sharingan01, sharingan05, orange crayon for caster18, avoiddeath04, cats16, enchantress11, futuresight15, octal02, octal16, predilection07, thing17, unseen19, happyend09, guns12

January 01, 2016 ------------
- (4,352) Traded Hodex: my f418, alien17, agriculture16, drums09 for meanies02, planners15, seawizard08, nekotalia01

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